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Clubs & Organizations

Almost every student at Santa Clara is involved in an organization on campus. Many are in two or three, or even more.

We have poet-programmers, scuba-diving mathematicians, aspiring ministers with great 3-point shots, and urban farmers with bright futures in politics.

Our student organizations give you the freedom to explore anything you’re interested in, and to create a college experience that’s uniquely yours:

  • If student-run media is your thing—writing, reporting, reviewing, publishing—there are lots of groups you might check out, like our campus radio station, the student newspaper, and our annual literary magazine.
  • If you like to exercise your body alongside your mind, you can find a recreational club or class that moves at your pace, whether you’re a varsity-level athlete or just a beginner.
  • Our Campus Ministry programs offer many opportunities for you to deepen your faith and connect with SCU’s spiritual community.
  • And if you’re in a hurry to start making the world a better place, Santa Clara Community Action Program and our Thriving Neighbor's Initiative give you the chance to use your talents for good in the local community.

There are hundreds of ways to get involved at SCU, and your first stop should be the Center for Student Involvement, where you can find a group that’s just right for you.

The SCU Social Project team setting up for a shoot

Graduating seniors from the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering reflect on their college experiences and accomplishments.

A group of SCU students chatting.

“The Initiative for Student Well-Being” teaches students how to prioritize their health and wellness during college and beyond

Hooria Jazaieri holds a pair of 'Tell Me, Ask Me' wristbands.

“We all have an important role to play,” says Assistant Professor Hooria Jazaieri.

Ananth Menon '26 relaxes in his room at Dunne Residence Hall.

“The only school where we bought a shirt was at Santa Clara.”