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Department ofArt and Art History

Andrea Pappas

Andrea Pappas
Andrea Pappas
Associate Professor
Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Southern California, Art History
M.A., University of Southern California, Art History
B.A., University of California at Berkeley, Fine Arts


Marketing Modernism in New York, 1929-1959
Jewish-American art
American Women in the Visual Arts
Editorial Board: Modern Jewish Studies

I am working on a book about embroidered landscapes made in the mid-eighteenth century by elite women in British North America. These embroideries have generally been seen as leisure activities that testify to the wealth and taste of their families. However, women made this works in the midst of an ongoing campaign of settler colonialism, the first agricultural revolution, the global trade in plants and animals, all of which resulted in extensive, irrevocable changes to the environment. Thus my book looks at stitched artworks from an environmental history perspective. Along the way, I look at women's kitchen gardens, cookbooks, and the discourses of natural history, botany, and entomology.

I am interested in questions about both the production (artist-centered) and reception (audience-centered) aspects of art, visual, and material culture. I have published on topics ranging from the renaissance to the present and am particularly interested in the work of people on the margins or in overlooked artifacts.


ARTH 11A & 12A C&I Trading Places: Art, Trade, and Culture Exchange
ARTH 22 Art in the Age of Exploration: Early Modern Europe
ARTH 23 Art and Revolution: Europe and the U.S. 18th-20th Centuries
ARTH 100 Art History Proseminar
ARTH 140 Photography in the United States
ARTH 143 Women's Work: American Women in the Visual Arts
ARTH 144 Race, Gender, and Nation in 18th and 19th Century American Art
ARTH 145 Perpetual Revolution: American Art in the 20th-Century

Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae