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Department ofClassics

Why Study Classics?


The Colosseum, Rome (left); Mycenaean gold on display at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens (right).

Are you looking for ways to broaden your knowledge, expand your outlook, and sharpen your skills for life’s future endeavors? Then Classics might be the right fit for you! Through its extensive and multi-faceted investigation of the ancient world, Classics offers a multitude of ways in which to rethink and reshape the world we inhabit, as well as opportunities to acquire highly desirable, practical skills and tools to help one do so. 

As the Princeton Review raves, “We can't overestimate the value of a Classics major. Check this out: according to Association of American Medical Colleges, students who major or double-major in Classics have a better success rate getting into medical school than do students who concentrate solely in biology, microbiology, and other branches of science. Crazy, huh? Furthermore, according to Harvard Magazine, Classics majors (and math majors) have the highest success rates of any majors in law school. Believe it or not: political science, economics, and pre-law majors lag fairly far behind. Even furthermore, Classics majors consistently have some of the highest scores on GREs of all undergraduates.”

(Some) Additional Benefits:

  • Classics students are part of an interactive, face-to-face community with a personalized approach to instruction and advising, ensuring that faculty get to know students (and students get to know faculty) as individuals, not just as faces in a crowd.
  • Students have opportunities to pursue independent research projects with faculty, working directly with ancient texts and culture, and participating in archaeological work.
  • Classics majors or minors offer flexible and manageable course loads and thus are often easily combined with other majors and minors at SCU.
  • You will gain many transferable skills by taking Classics courses.
  • There are countless career paths possible with a Classics degree; scan through our alumni stories to find out what previous Classics students are up to now.
  • In addition to career preparation, studying Classics offers a springboard for lifelong education and experience with literature, philosophy, and culture. You will never stop learning as a Classics student (or alum)!
  • Still not convinced? Check out the (long) list of famous and/or otherwise notable students of Classics.

Finally, a passion for Classics can offer self-knowledge and self-confidence to students. Knowing that you love what you are learning and doing is just as important as being able to show the world that you know what you are doing. With Classics, you can accomplish both of these goals.