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Department ofClassics

Academic Programs

The Classics department offers three different major tracks and three different minor tracks that students can choose from:

Classical Languages & Literatures Track

Majors in this track focus on studying Latin and Greek languages and on reading classical literature in the original languages. Majors planning to pursue graduate work in Classics should enroll in as many language courses as they can.

Classical Languages and Literatures Major Requirements

  • Nine upper-division courses in Greek and/or Latin
  • First-year proficiency in both classical languages
  • CLAS 197A and CLAS 197B

Classical Languages and Literatures Minor Requirements

  • Five upper-division courses in either Latin or Greek (Latin 3 or Greek 3 can count as upper-division for these purposes).

Ancient Studies Track

Through sources in translation, the Ancient Studies track explores the development, cross-fertilization, and legacies of Greece, Rome, and the other cultures of western Asia, northern Africa, and southern Europe prior to A.D. 500. Other cultures may be included by permission of the chair. This track has no classical language component.

Ancient Studies Major Track Requirements

  • CLAS 60 or CLAS 61
  • Eleven non-language CLAS courses, at least seven upper-division
  • CLAS 197A and CLAS 197B

Ancient Studies Minor Track Requirements

  • CLAS 60 or CLAS 61
  • Four non-language CLAS courses, at least two upper-division

Classical Studies Track

For students interested in the bases of Western civilization, this track offers a broad curriculum in Greek and Roman culture, including languages, literature, history, philosophy, politics, religion, and art. The course balances the study of Latin or Greek language and literature in the original language with culture courses in translation.

Classical Studies Major Track Requirements

  • Six classes in either Latin or Greek, which can include one elementary sequence (but not both sequences)
  • Six other CLAS courses, at least four upper-division
  • CLAS 197A and CLAS 197B

Classical Studies Minor Track Requirements

  • Latin 3, Greek 3, or one upper-division language course
  • Four CLAS courses, at least two upper-division


Students planning a classics major are encouraged to plan their curriculum in consultation with a faculty advisor at the earliest possible date.

In addition to fulfilling University Core Curriculum requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students majoring in classics must complete the departmental requirements in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Both Greek and Latin fulfill the foreign language Core Curriculum requirement—students with previous experience with either language should contact the Chair of Classics if there are questions about which course to enroll in.

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To declare or change a major, minor, or emphasis, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.

Contact Us

Dan Turkeltaub, Department Chair
Heidi Elmore, Academic Department Manager
Phone: 408-554-5248

Location: The Department of Classics is located at 874 Lafayette Street.