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Spring 2023 Schedules and Syllabi



In-Person IP Students attend only in-person in the classroom.
Fully Online O Students participate fully online from any location.
Mixed-Mode MM Some students will attend in-person in the classroom and others will attend fully online from remote locations.
Classes are scheduled in two different formats.

Weekly: Class meets once a week from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on a specific week night.

Hybrid: Class meets on three Saturdays in the quarter: one at the beginning, one midway, and one at the end of the quarter from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The same class meets on seven week nights for a two-hour time period on a specific night.



Course Class Title Days/
Instructor Delivery/
Diocesan Location Saturday Sessions 
60565 SPIR 222 

Ignatian Spirituality: Freedom and Discernment

SPIR 222 Syllabus Spring 2023 Scholla

M 06:00 PM-9:00pm Scholla, S.J., Fr. Rob Dowd 208 and MM Santa Clara Campus and Online No
60566 RJUS 224 

Intercultural and Interreligious Competencies

RJUS 224 Spring 2023-Syllabus-S.Kim

06:00 PM-9:00pm Kim, Fr. Simon Fully Online Fully Online No 
60568 PMIN 203

Christology (begins W 3/29 6-9pm)

PMIN 203 Draft syllabus Spring 2023 Lassalle-Klein

W 06:30 PM-8:30pm (4/26 6-9pm) Lassalle-Klein, Robert Dowd 208 and MM / Hybrid Santa Clara Campus and Online  5/6, 6/3  9:00 AM-3:00 pm 
60569 LATM 220 

U.S. Latina/o Theology

LATM 220 Syllabus Draft Spring 2023 Titizano

TH 06:00 PM-9:00pm Titizano, Cecilia Dowd 208 and MM Santa Clara Campus  No 
60570 PLIT 221 

Celebrating the Liturgical Year

PLIT 221 syllabus Spring 2023 McMillan

T 06:00 PM-8:00pm McMillan, Sr. Sharon MM and Hybrid Monterey and Online  4/15, 5/13, 6/17  9:00 AM-3:00 pm
60571 RJUS 226 

Ministering at the Margins

RJUS 226 syllabus Spr 2023 Quantz

W 06:00 PM-9:00pm 
4/5, 4/19, 4/26
Quantz, Amanda  MM and Hybrid  MM and Hybrid   4/1, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM 
4/22, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM 
4/29, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM 
5/13, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM  
60572 PMIN 213 

Sacraments and Liturgy

PMIN 213 syllabus Spring 2023 Schlesinger draft

W 06:30 PM-8:30pm   Schlesinger, Gene  MM and Hybrid   San Bernardino  4/1, 5/6, 6/3  9:00 AM-3:00 pm
60573 PMIN 208 

The Hebrew Bible and Social Justice

PMIN 208 Spring 2023 Syllabus Pleins 

M 06:00 PM-8:00pm  Pleins, J. David  Fully Online   Fully Online  4/22, 5/20, 6/10  9:00 AM-3:00 pm