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George Giacomini

George Giacomini

An Update from Professor Emeritus George Giacomini

“It's been ten years since I retired. Hard for me to grasp that. I spent the first year or so writing up my recollections of some fifty years at Santa Clara as Dean of Students, assistant to two presidents and always, always teaching. I deposited that effort in the Archives. I have done some travelling: east coast to visit family, Egypt and Italy. More recently, I have spent some time in the hospital for by-pass and knee surgeries. And I do lots and lots of reading. One of the more interesting volumes was by Yale historian, Joanne Freeman, A Field of Blood (2018). It deals with congressional battles, figurative and literal, in the pre-Civil War period.  Makes today's antics seem like child's play. I have also reflected on the continuing applicability of Tony Horwitz's Confederates in the Attic (1998) given the recent controversies over Confederate flags and monuments.  And I love James Patterson's works. I can read for fifteen minutes and be at Chapter 18. It gives one a real sense of accomplishment and, at my age, that's important.”

--Professor Emeritus, George Giacomini