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Photo of Eduardo Cuevas

Photo of Eduardo Cuevas

Eduardo Cuevas '16

Moved to New York in August 2020 to attend journalism school at Columbia University

“In August, I moved to New York City as residents tried to find normalcy during a pandemic. My classes at Columbia Journalism School, as I’m sure they were for Santa Clara history students, started off remote. But I was always more excited to go and learn about this city by speaking with New Yorkers. This took me on reporting trips to the South Bronx to learn about school reopenings; a children’s bookstore in Harlem that’s more of a community resource than a business; a toss-up congressional race on Staten Island that weaponized Black Lives Matter protests; and Brooklyn, where I learned not only of the size of the Mexican immigrant population, but their growing political and economic influence within their city — all told through the lens of a tortillería. My background in history heavily informs my reporting, which requires context around contemporary issues, critical analysis of sourcing, and concise writing to tell a story. I’m forever thankful Santa Clara gave me these tools.”

- Eduardo Cuevas '16


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