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Faculty Activities November 2016

Nancy Unger gave a talk  “From Jook Joints to the Stonewall Inn to Orlando’s Pulse: The Gay Bar in American History,” at the Birmingham Public Library on October16,  2016. It was recorded for national broadcast by C-SPAN3.


Harry Odammten reports: "My summer was well spent with family here in Santa Clara, and trips to Los Angeles and Virginia. The latter was for a family reunion, and it was great to see relations I hadn't seen for a decade. I was also able to complete a book chapter, “Notes on the 1954 General Elections: Kwame Nkrumah’s Election Papers” in Kwame Essien, ed.,Ghana: From Stability to Crisis (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2017) forthcoming. This quarter I am on Junior Faculty Development leave after my mid-tenure review."


David E. Skinner published an article, “The Influence of Islam in Sierra Leone History: Institutions, Practices, and Leadership” in the Journal of West African History, Volume 2, Issue 1 (Spring 2016)


Paul Mariani, SJ, published an article, “The Four Catholic Bishops of Shanghai: ‘Underground and Patriotic Church Competition and Sino-Vatican Relations in Reform-Era China” in the Journal of Church and State Volume 58, Number 1 (Winter 2016).


At the recent meeting of the Western History Association in St. Paul, Minnesota, Bob Senkewicz and Rose Marie Beebe (Modern Languages) received an award from Westerners International. Their book Junípero Serra: California, Indians, and the Transformation of a Missionary  received second place in the category Best Nonfiction Books about the American West published in 2015.


Nancy Unger at the Birmingham Public Library

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