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Photo of Jace Lynch

Photo of Jace Lynch

Jace Lynch '15

Graduated SCU law school in 2019 and co-founded Hyperdraft

“I graduated from Santa Clara Law in 2019 and worked as a corporate attorney at Goodwin Procter, LLP in their Silicon Valley office. I worked with tech startup companies focusing on general corporate matters, venture capital financings, and mergers and acquisitions. I became dissatisfied with many of the routine and unnecessarily tedious tasks that got in the way of providing efficient value to clients and made workdays far too long. To address this, a colleague and I co-founded Hyperdraft, to create a comprehensive set of tools, leveraging AI and machine learning to supercharge the practice of law. I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of Hyperdraft and working on developing and launching our product. My history degree helped me as an attorney to be able to take a set of facts and pick them apart to find the relevant threads and recognize broader patterns. There's so much text to sift through and provisions to draft that it is important to be able to find the levers that push different outcomes. In my role in forming an organization, my degree has helped me to apply varying levels of focus to what I'm doing. I can zoom into the details of what I'm doing to find those same threads and then I can zoom out for a holistic approach to see generally where the ship is heading. Also, through it all, it helped my ability to communicate and write effectively to get my point across in a persuasive manner.”

- Jace Lynch '15
history alum