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Jeopardy Night

On Nov. 14, the Santa Clara University History Club hosted its second event of the academic year, a Jeopardy Night on the theme of "America and the World." History faculty members Barbara Molony, Tom Turley, Harry Odamtten, Paul Mariani, S.J., and Gregory Wigmore joined students on mixed teams. Although a lack of buzzers sometimes made it difficult to determine which team answered first, history majors Zipporah Ridley and Emily Stewart did a great job compiling the questions and assuming the roles of referee and TV host Alex Trebek. Club president Hector Navarro and organizer Mary Claire Simone arranged the food and beverages. Thanks also to senior administrative assistant Carole Wentz for making the event a success. The History Club is planning several more events in 2017, including film screenings and a museum field trip.


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