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Nancy Unger: New essay on the LGBQT+ Community

Unger also started a two-year term as president of SHGAPE

“My essay, “The LGBTQ+ community: an underappreciated resource in environmental awareness and protection," was posted in January 2021 in "On History,’  the historical magazine of the Institute of Historical Research (School of Advanced Study, University of London). It is the first in a new series of articles by 10 different scholars on “Environment & History,” studies highlighting “current research on histories of climate and environment and its relationship to contemporary thinking about the environment.

Gilded Age

On January 1, I began a two-year term as president of the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (SHGAPE). Three of my four books are dedicated to this period (1877-1920), and for eight years I served as the book review editor for the society's quarterly publication Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. I’m looking forward to helping steer society through the challenges of the Covid and immediate post-Covid landscape. I’m also especially eager to emphasize the importance of this historical period as foundational to the understanding of present-day challenges concerning race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, culture, as well as politics and social justice movements.”

Many in the nation during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era feared that, without reform, the working class, tired of carrying the wealthy on their backs, would revolt, as imagined in this cartoon "From the Depths," by William Balfour-Ker.