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Pizza with Profs

Our Pizza with the Profs evening was a great success! We had 20-25 students: some majors, some minors, some prospective. We also had a lot of fun, and students lingered until the end. We used not just a new-fangled digital camera to record the scene, but the huge, old-timey Polaroid (circa 2000?) was employed for portraits of majors and minors. It and its pictures, produced quaintly on paper, made a terrific historical conversation piece and grace the department bulletin board. Thanks also Aaron Willis, Amy Randall, Barbara Molony, Greg Wigmore, Harry Odamtten (and two particularly cute kids), Matt Newsom Kerr, Naomi Andrews, Tom Turley and Paul Mariani, S.J. for attending and creating a lively department event. The students seemed delighted, and faculty were too.

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