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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science


Departmental Facilities

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is located in O'Connor Hall, immediately north of the Mission Church at the center of the oldest section of the campus, and close to the Alumni Science and Daly Science complex. The departmental office (O'Connor 1) is in the lower level of the building along with the "Sussman Room" (O'Connor 31), which is a student lounge named after the first chair of the Department, Irving Sussman.

Though many of the Department's faculty have offices in the lower level of O'Connor and on the third floor, there are offices on all four levels. Many of the courses offered by the Department are taught in classrooms located on the first and second floors of O'Connor Hall, enabling students easy access to faculty before or after classes.

University and Departmental Computing Facilities

Santa Clara provides multi-user and personal computing facilities to support its educational programs. There are general use computers available in the University's library/learning commons and special purpose labs as well. This include both Windows and Macintosh platforms. About 60 other machines are available in special classrooms in the Leavey School of Business and in the Communication Department, and in smaller computer rooms near the Engineering CAD Lab, in the Physics Department, and in the Alumni Science Building.

The School of Engineering Design Center has a network of about 70 workstations running the Unix operating system available to students enrolled in courses offered by the School of Engineering.

The university's library computer, OSCAR, provides catalog access, in addition to access to various CD databases and other electronic facilities. It is accessible via the internet at

All students, faculty, and staff are provided email accounts via the University's gmail program, which can be accessed off-campus via any web browser.

All rooms in the student residence halls are networked to provide internet access and many classrooms and public areas have general access internet jacks. The University has also expanded the number of wireless access points available on campus so that in every building and in many general outdoor gathering areas, one has wireless network access.

The Department maintains a Unix/Linux server, used for some Computer Science courses.