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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science

Student Research

A sample of articles, each co-authored by our students and faculty.

Hack for the homeless: A humanitarian technology hackathon

N Linnell, S Figueira, N Chintala, L Falzarano, V Ciancio - IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2014 (GHTC), 2014 IEEE, 2014 -

Polyhedral Painting with Group Averaging

FA Farris, R Tsao - PRIMUS, 2016 - Taylor & Francis

On groups with Cayley graph isomorphic to a cube

C Hagemeyer, R Scott - Communications in Algebra, 2014 - Taylor & Francis

A simplified AES algorithm and its linear and differential cryptanalyses

MA Musa, EF Schaefer, S Wedig - Cryptologia, 2003 - Taylor & Francis

Numerical shape-from-shading for discontinuous photographic images

J Kain, DN Ostrov - International Journal of Computer Vision, 2001 - Springer




Geometry Project Leads To Student-Faculty Publication

In survey of Geometry, students Ryan Tsao and Matthew Medal took on a project of implementing a new method for creating mathematical art. Drawing on ideas in Professor Frank Farris's new book, Creating Symmetry: The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns, Tsao and Medal used WebGL to turn photographs into spherical paintings with polyhedral symmetry. The image shows a sphere painting with tetrahedral and mirror symmetry, based on a photograph of a San Jose sunset. A paper by Farris and Tsao, called "Polyhedral Painting with Group Averaging," has been accepted by PRIMUS, a peer-reviewed academic journal covering the teaching of undergraduate mathematics, for a special issue on mathematics and the arts.