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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science


Faculty Member Frank Farris’s book garners great reviews

Frank Farris's book, Creating Symmetry, The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns, was published by Princeton University Press last year and continues to attract rave reviews.  From the Notices of the AMS: "This book thoroughly engaged me with its application of fundamental and important mathematics to produce striking artistic designs. It is a major contribution that aids in our understanding of symmetry, art, and how mathematics unifies them. I recommend it most highly." From Scientific American: "[A] beautifully illustrated guide to fusing mathematical and artistic creativity to generate fascinating and visually appealing designs."  

Exhibitions of Farris's art have been mounted by Carleton College and Pomona College, and then traveled to other venues. He has been invited to create new art, using the algorithms from the book, for solo exhibitions at Bowdoin College and Cornell University next fall. Drop by our department office to see three works by Farris that we have on display there!