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Student with poster presentation

Student with poster presentation

Wilder Boyden '19 Presents Research at the Golden Section Meeting of the MAA

In February 2020, Wilder Boyden presents joint research completed with Professor Frank Farris as a poster at the conference.

SCU student Wilder Boyden '19 worked with Professor Frank Farris over the summer of 2019 on some research that began with his final project in Farris's Differential Geometry class. In February 2020, Boyden presented the work as a poster at the Golden Section Meeting of the MAA. (Remember in-person meetings?)

A research paper based on this work appeared in December 2020 as "Polyhedral symmetry from ribbons and tubes," in the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. The visual appearance of the work was enhanced by things Farris learned by attending the Fall 2019 "Illustrating Mathematics" workshop at ICERM, the NSF-funded Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics at Brown University.

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