Military Science Program

High School Students

Information for High School Students and National Based Scholarships

Every year, ROTC units meet for three High School Selection Boards as follows:

  Document Submission Deadlines Selection Board Convene Dates
1st 29 September 2018 15-19 October 2018
2nd 28 December 2018 7-11 January 2019
3rd 04 March 2019 18-22 March 2019

Please submit a complete application and packet before these critical time frames.

Please submit your application online to Cadet Command to be considered for a National Based Scholarship. These scholarships are typically worth 4 years of education and may be given at a school of your choosing.

To get started on your National Based Scholarship, please review the following steps below:

  1. Contact SCU ROTC Recruiting: 408-554-6840
  2. Register at
  3. Once you have a confirmed account (you must verify a confirmation e-mail), log in with your newly created account and password, and start your application

* More information regarding starting your National Based Scholarship (including eligibility) process

 -  Link to file
 -  Link to file
 -  Link to file
 -  Link to file