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Military Science Program

Life After SCU

Alumni of Bronco Battalion ROTC

Below is an assortment of Santa Clara University ROTC alumni testimonials, where our graduates talk about their experiences in ROTC and beyond. Use Facebook to view video interviews, or click on the names of other alumni to visit a page that shows their feedback about the program!


Alumni Video Testimonials:

Alumni Testimonial Pages:

Distinguished Bronco Battalion Army ROTC Graduates

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

SCU Class of 1960

Lieutenant General, Joseph "Keith" Kellogg, Jr.

SCU Class of 1966

Lieutenant General, Edward Soriano

SJSU Class of 1970

Lieutenant General, Joseph Peterson

SCU Class of 1972

Major General, Frank Schober

SCU Class of 1956

Major General, William Lenaers

SCU Class of 1969

Major General, Joseph Fil

SJSU Class of 1976

Major General, Eldon Regua

SCU Class of 1977

Major General, Thomis Romig

SCU Law School Class of 1980

Major General, Nickolas Tooliatos

SCU Class of 1980

Major General, David Baldwin

SCU Class of 1984

Major General, Michael C. Wehr

SCU Class of 1985

Major General, Stephen Hager

SCU Class of 1987

Major General, Garrett Yee

SCU Class of 1987

Brigadier General, James F. Smith

SCU Class of 1878

Brigadier General, Ronald Flynn

SCU Class of 1965

Brigadier General, Russell Howard

SJSU Class of 1969 

Brigadier General, Tom Harvey

SCU Class of 1980

Brigadier General, John D. Lee

SCU Class of 1984

Brigadier General, Steven McLaughlin

SCU Class of 1994

Captain, Rita Tamayo

SCU Class of 1976