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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Gudrun Tabbert-Jones

Gudrun Tabbert-Jones

Professor Emerita of German

Biographical Information

Gudrun Tabbert-Jones received her teaching credentials from Pädagogische Hochschule, Darmstadt, Germany, her MA and her Ph.D. from Stanford University.  She joined Santa Clara University in 1980.  She has been the director of the German Santa Clara Summer Program operated in partnership with the Albert-Ludwig Universität in Freiburg, Germany.

Courses Taught

1, 2, 3 Elementary German, 21, 22 Intermediate German, 100, 101 Advanced German, 108 Business German, 111 Contemporary German Culture, 130 Classical Age, 140 19th Century Romanticism, 141 19th Century Realism, 150 20th Century Novel, 151 20th Century Drama, 160 The German Novelle,  174 German Novels and Films, 180 Special Topics, 182 Women in German Literature, Authors and Characters, 199 Directed Reading.

Research Interests

20th Century Theatre, Bertolt Brecht’s works, his collaborators, his influence on 20th Century Theatre

Selected Publications

“Margarete Steffin und Bertolt Brecht: eine productive Arbeits- und Liebesbeziehung, Dekonstruktion einer Opfergestalt”, in: Theater der Zeit, Recherchen 65. “Collaboration between Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Schwaen,” in: Communications from the International Brecht Society.  “The Construction of the Sexist and Exploiter Bertolt Brecht”, in: The Brecht Yearbook, University of Wisconsin Press.  “Brecht’s Female Characters in the Life of Galileo”, in: Brecht Unbound, University of Delaware Press.   

Editor of 11 volumes of Communications from the International Brecht Society 1995-2003