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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Mohammed Kadalah

Mohammed Kadalah

Teaching is a huge fun part of my life and career. I'm very dedicated to helping my students and supporting their learning. Being able to meet new students every year and sharing my culture and knowledge with them is something I cherish very much. If you're reading this and you're an SCU current or perspective student, I invite you to take my Arabic language and culture classes. Email me and I will send you all that you need to know about the Arabic program.


Research Interests: Prison Literature, Syrian Literature, Trauma Studies, Testimony Studies, War Literature, Arab Spring, Translation


  • ARAB 1, 2, 3:  Elementary Arabic Language I, II, III

  • ARAB 21, 22, 23: Intermediate Arabic Language I, II, III
  • ARAB 137: Arabic Culture and Identity

  • ARAB 11A/12A: The Arab-speaking World: Media, Culture, and Politics (C&I 1 & 2)