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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Tomoko Takeda


Tomoko Takeda

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer

Education: M.A. in Japanese Linguistics and Pedagogy, Ph.D. in Japanese Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy
Research Interests:
Discourse and Grammar, Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy

• JAPN 1, 2, 3: Japanese Language & Culture I, II, and III

• JAPN 21, 22, 23: Japanese Language & Culture IV, VI, and VII

• JAPN 100: Advanced Japanese I

• JAPN 101: Advanced Japanese II

• JAPN 137: Japanese Culture & Society

• JAPN 137: Japanese Culture & Language



Selected publications:

• 2014. A study on conjunctive particle-like formal noun toward development of a functional-expression analyzing tool: Formulating and testing extraction rules. CAJLE 2007.

• “Revisiting The “Given A Constraint”: Analysis Of Japanese Written And Spoken Narrative”. Applying Theory and Research to Learning Japanese as a Foreign Language. pp.230-245. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars.

• 2006. “Obliqueness and Postpositional Marking in Japanese”. Japanese Korean Linguistics 14. Stanford: Center for the Study of Language and Information. pp.405-415.