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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures


Students with their caligraphy

Students with their caligraphy

MODLL Chinese Calligraphy Event hosted by Yujie Ge and Hsin-hung (Sean) Yeh

Fall 2022 Calligrahy event

The Department of Modern Languages’ Chinese instructors, Yujie Ge and Hsin-hung (Sean) Yeh, held a Chinese calligraphy event to introduce this beautiful art form to SCU students along with the history of the evolution of Chinese characters. Through exploring various styles of Chinese calligraphy scripts, students were given the opportunity to handwrite Chinese characters, and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of different written scripts from ancient times to the present. Everyone enjoyed a fun and peaceful time together sitting down and practicing various styles of calligraphy scripts during this busy time of the quarter. Some students expressed how much they appreciated the opportunity to have hands-on experience with Chinese calligraphy while studying Chinese.Fall 2022 Calligrahy event

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