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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures


SCU Students in the Teaching Assistant Program in France

Four graduating seniors to utilize French skills learned at SCU.
headshot of Terrell Smith

Terrell Smith ‘21

Majors: French & Francophone Studies, Sociology

TAPIF: 2021-2022 in Académie de Toulouse

My experience in the French program has been great from start to finish. I've learned about so many interesting aspects of French history and culture while also having the space and guidance to improve my skills and confidence when it comes to reading, writing, and speaking French. The positivity and friendliness throughout the department makes it all the more enjoyable.

headshot of Liam Abbate

Liam Abbate ‘21

Majors: Political Science, Environmental Studies, French & Francophone Studies

TAPIF: 2021-2022 in secondary school in the Academy of Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region

In the French program the professors are very supportive and knowledgeable! The small class sizes are conducive to one-on-one interactions with both the professors and peers, helping you refine your language skills. I have also enjoyed that they are supportive and flexible when it comes to students studying abroad, and that there are classes that may not traditionally be taught in Language departments (such as French for a Global Marketplace a.k.a Business French). Overall, one of the more personable departments I've interacted with at SCU!

headshot of Blair Huxman

Blair Huxman ‘21

Majors/Minors: Economics & Political Science Major with Public Sector Emphasis, and a French Minor

TAPIF: 2021-2022 Montpellier, France

The French program at SCU has wonderfully nurtured my love of French and prepared me with the skills and cultural understanding to thrive in new and diverse settings. The French program has always pushed me to improve my French fluency and understanding of cultures outside the U.S. Even though the coursework was difficult at times, I thoroughly enjoyed learning from such welcoming and dedicated teachers amongst peers who share my passion for French. My participation in SCU's French program has been incredibly rewarding, both at home and abroad, and I am excited to see how it will continue enriching my experiences as I begin a new adventure with TAPIF!

headshot of Ally Cepukenas

Ally Cepukenas ‘21

Majors/Minors: Marketing & French Majors and a Sustainability Minor

TAPIF: 2021 - 2022 Nantes

Pursuing a French major has given me invaluable opportunities to develop as a creative thinker, writer, and lover of language. I had the chance to study abroad in Paris my junior year and was recently accepted to teach secondary education in Nantes this coming fall.
Not only has the French department graciously supported me with my dream of living abroad, but fostered my passion towards topics that I never had the opportunity to study otherwise such as gender studies and film.

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