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Department ofPhilosophy

Meilin Chinn


Meilin Chinn

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Ph.D., University of Hawai'i-Manoa, May 2015

Meilin Chinn specializes in Chinese Philosophy and Aesthetics. Other areas of research and teaching include Buddhist Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, and Phenomenology. In her scholarship and teaching, Chinn centers work that broadens the cultural and conceptual boundaries of philosophy. She is currently writing about a number of topics related to the age old question of how music is meaningful, including how music is sensed, and the relationship of music to truth. Other projects include virtue as skill in Chinese philosophy, Chinese philosophical approaches to nature and environmental ethics, and a taxonomy of philosophical questions and their uses. She is also the editor of a three-volume collection titled Asian Aesthetics: Primary & Critical Sources, underway with Bloomsbury Press. Select publications include “Representing the Great in Music” (Philosophy East and West), “Only Music Cannot Be Faked” (Dao), “Music With and Without Images” (Journal of Chinese Philosophy), and “Sensing the Wind: The Timely Music of Nature’s Memory” (Journal of Environmental Philosophy). Chinn also maintains a long running scholarly and artistic investigation into the void, emptiness, and nothing.