Department ofPsychology

Kathryn Bruchmann

Kathryn Bruchmann

Assistant Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Iowa

Social Psychology


Broadly speaking, I am interested in how people use information from others to evaluate themselves and how people use information from themselves to evaluate others. My primary line of research focuses on how socially comparing with others can change people’s self-perceptions. I examine how people use information from multiple other people (e.g., better-off or worse-off others, individuals or aggregates, in-group or out-group members) when forming a self-impression; additionally, I am interested in individual differences in how often people socially compare, or how affected they are by these comparisons. In a secondary line of work, I examine how people form impressions of others based on social media profiles or their political orientation; and in turn, how these impressions can influence or relate to self-impressions.

  • Psyc 2: General Psychology II
  • Psyc 43: Research Methods in Psychology
  • Psyc 150 Social Psychology
  • Psyc 151: Advanced Topics in Social Psychology
  • Psyc 182: Psychology of Gender


Selected Publications
Bruchmann, K. (2017) Compared to what? The importance of control groups in social comparison research. Basic and Applied Social Psychology39(2), 91-100.
Scherer, A., Bruchmann, K., Windschitl, P.D., Rose, J.P, Smith, A.R., Koestner, B., et al. (2016).  Motivated and cognitive factors in the estimation of comparative food consumption. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 22, 2, 173-183.
Bruchmann, K., & Evans, A. (2013). Abstract mindsets and social comparison: When global comparisons matter. Social Psychological and Personality Science4, 427-433. 
Bruchmann, K., Suls, J., Lee, S., Rose, J.P., Krizan, Z., & Windschitl, P.D. (2013). Searching for the limits and explanations of the nonselective superiority bias. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, 124- 130.
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