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Department ofReligious Studies

The Child Studies major is designed for undergraduates interested in careers working with children and families in school or community settings.

Religion involves the human search for ultimate meaning.

Not only a matter of belief, religion also is a primary mode for creating a sense of belonging and influences the entire scope of human societies, including ethical and political systems. Religious Studies engages the stuff of life and culture: faith and history, theology and ethics, texts and ritual, science and technology, art and literature, race, ethnicity and gender. We study Christianity and Catholicism, but also Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other traditions, including atheism, both local and global. In the Religious Studies Department, our teaching and research are suffused with a deep commitment to social justice and care for the earth itself. The study of religion intersects with virtually every other approach to understanding the world and ourselves.

About Our Program

The Department of Religious Studies offers a degree program leading to the bachelor of arts in religious studies. The department also offers a minor program for those who wish to concentrate in theological and religious studies. In keeping with the University's commitment to the Catholic faith tradition, the department offers a variety of courses in Scripture, history, and Catholic theology. Faithful to the Jesuit tradition of liberal education and engagement with other religions, the department offers a wide breadth of courses in various religious traditions and methodologies for the study of religion. The department also offers courses as part of the undergraduate Core Curriculum, at both lower-division and upper-division levels. Courses are clustered in three areas: Theology, Ethics, and Spirituality (TESP); Scripture and Tradition (SCTR); and Religion and Society (RSOC).

As a double major in RS and Political Science, I am very interested in engaging with the intersection of the two fields; primarily in regards to the way religious beliefs can directly influence the political attitudes of both leaders and the general public alike.

Bjorn Thyrring '20

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    Bjorn Thyrring

    Bjørn Thyrring ’20 is currently pursuing his master of theological studies (MTS) degree at Harvard Divinity School, with a focus on religion, ethics, and politics. As an MTS student, Bjørn has engaged with many of the most pressing sociopolitical issues of our time—including the potentiality of American religious activism as an impetus for criminal justice reform and the impacts of global capitalism on religious communities in the developing world. After completing his MTS at Harvard, Bjørn will be attending law school where he hopes to put the ethical principles and Jesuit values he gained as a student of religion to use for the betterment of our society.

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