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Department ofReligious Studies

Academic Programs

The Religious Studies Department offers major and minor programs for those who wish to concentrate in the study of scripture and tradition; religion and society; and theology, ethics, and spirituality. The aim of the program is to foster an engaged, critical, and integrated understanding of religion in the University's tradition of Jesuit liberal education.

Considering a double major with Religious Studies? Religious Studies cultivates critical thinking and offers a distinctive set of "portable skills" that can make you more marketable in any field.

As a double major in RS and Political Science, I am very interested in engaging with the intersection of the two fields; primarily in regards to the way religious beliefs can directly influence the political attitudes of both leaders and the general public alike.

Bjorn Thyrring '20

An academic minor is available for students who would like to pursue a limited but concentrated program in religious studies. It is a popular choice for many students because it only requires four courses beyond the three already present in the Core.

Program details and course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Understanding the impact of religion on both social and political levels is very important. Being a Religious Studies minor has given me critical knowledge to supplement my major courses and deepen my own understanding of religion.

Ian Ghows '12


To declare a major or minor, fill out the Program Petition form and meet with the department chair.

Religious Studies Major

Religious Studies Minor

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