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Department ofReligious Studies

Transfer Students

The Religious Studies Department welcomes transfer students as either majors or minors. No special prerequisites are necessary.

Religion, Theology, and Culture Core

If you transferred to Santa Clara from another college or university, you may be wondering what you have to do to satisfy the Religion, Theology, and Culture (RTC) core requirements. The answer depends on how many units you brought to Santa Clara.

Transfer students who matriculate with 44 units or more do not have to complete RTC 1 or RTC 2 before enrolling in RTC 3. However, prior to enrolling in an RTC 3 course, students must complete 88 units (by the end of the term when they register to enroll in a course satisfying RTC 3).

Transfers students who matriculate with less than 44 units must satisfy all three levels of the RTC core courses in order: first an introductory course (SCTR, TESP or RSOC 1-19), then an intermediate course (SCTR, TESP or RSOC 20-99), and finally an advanced course (SCTR, TESP or RSOC 100-199).