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Department ofReligious Studies

Bryson White

Bryson White headshot
Bryson White
Assistant Professor

Bryson White received his BA in Political Science from California State University at Northridge (2006), and Master’s degrees in Intercultural Studies and Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary (2009, 2011). He received his Ph.D. in Theology from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (2022). Dr. White conducts research in the areas of theology, black studies, carceral studies, visual studies, critical geography, and Tupac Shakur. White’s current research focuses upon the intersections between Christian eschatology and race, with particular emphasis upon Christian eschatology’s influence upon the creation and maintenance of the carceral state. His scholarship has been generously funded by the Forum for Theological Exploration and the Louisville Institute, and he has served as a research assistant for The Society for the Study of Black Religion. White is currently working on a manuscript that explores the Christian eschatological dimensions of the mass incarceration of black people in the United States.

White comes to Santa Clara with a background in community organizing in the areas of decarceration, violence reduction, and faith formation.