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David Pinault

David Pinault



David Pinault received his B.A. in French literature from Georgetown University and his M.A. and Ph.D in Arabic & Islamic Studies from the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His research involves the nexus of religion, popular culture, and communal identity in Muslim societies, as reflected in ritual and literary sources. Among the countries in which he has done fieldwork are Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. He is also interested in wildlife rescue and environmental issues in Southeast Asia and is a member of the advisory board of ProFauna Indonesia.

Among his recent publications is the novel Museum of Seraphs in Torment.


RSOC 007 South Asian Religious Traditions
RSOC 019 Egyptian Religious Traditions
RSOC 081 Islam
RSOC 140 Animals, the Environment, and World Religions
RSOC 154 The Islamic Jesus
RSOC 182 Shia Islam in the Contemporary World
RSOC 190 Islam: Reformation & Modernity
SCTR 126 Sufi Mysticism


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