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Department ofSociology

Faculty and Staff

  • Fay Boyle Professor and Chair

    Enrique Pumar

    Economic Sociology, International Migration, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Development, Comparative Historical Sociology, and Hispanic Societies.

  • Lecturer and Department Internship Coordinator

    Cara Chiaraluce

    Social Inequalities and Social Problems, Sex and Gender, Marriage and Family, Childhood and Youth, Social Psychology

  • Assistant Professor

    Di Di

    Gender, Religion, Immigration, Ethnicity, Globalization, and Mixed-Methodology

  • Professor Emerita

    Marilyn Fernandez

    Asian American Families and Communities, Domestic Violence, Programs and Evaluation, Assessment of Multicultural Education, Sociology of Development

  • Professor

    Alma Garcia

    Mexican American Communities, Political Economy of Latin American Development, Oral History Research


  • Assistant Professor

    Molly M. King

    Sociology of Knowledge, Sociology of Science, Inequality, Gender, Computational Social Science, Quantitative Methods

  • Associate Professor

    Patrick Lopez-Aguado

    Race and Incarceration, Juvenile Justice, Youth and Street Cultures, Urban Ethnography

  • Professor

    Laura Nichols

    Applied Sociology, Inequalities, Experiences of First-Generation College Student

  • Associate Professor

    Laura Robinson

    Digital Sociology, Digital Inequality, Media, Culture, Brazil, and France

Visiting Research Scholars

  • Executive Director of the US-China Catholic Association

    Michael Agliardo, S.J.

    Sociology of Religion, Environmental Sociology, and Sociology of Culture

Previous Visiting Scholars: Lisa Nunn, Ph.D. (Spring 2020); Sandra Hanson, Ph.D. (Spring 2019); Cid Martinez, Ph.D. (Spring 2018); Gabe Ignatow, Ph.D. (Spring 2017); Cecilia MacDowell Santos, Ph.D. (Spring 2016)