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Department ofSociology

Academic Programs

Developmental Curriculum

Our curriculum is developmental in character.

  • Gateway courses expose students to foundational principles, contemporary theories, and a variety of rigorous methodologies.
  • Theory and research courses hone skills in data gathering and analysis of complex problems and policy formulations.
  • Substantive topic courses apply disciplinary ideas and analytical tools to real world problems.
  • The capstone experience, under close faculty supervision, applies critical thinking skills to research questions, policy evaluation, and program implementation.

Majoring in Sociology

Requirements of a Sociology Major

The department's requirements begin with an introductory course and includes three research methods courses and eleven additional courses of sociology. This includes seven required courses and eight electives. Majors must fulfill the requirements in the checklist, exclusive of work needed to meet general college and core requirements. For course descriptions, consult the university bulletin.

Sociology Major or Minor

To declare a major or minor, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.