Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministry, SCU

Contact: Lynne Lukenbill, Senior Administrative Assistant

Founded in 1983, the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries offers small classes in both face-to-face and online blended formats tailored to our students’ ministry goals. The program provides a strong theological foundation to an international body of students.

The program offers the Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministries in both face-to-face and online blended teaching formats. The degree program has five major goals:

  1. Theological KnowledgeStudents will gain a broad theological foundation that will undergird inquiry into a select area of concentration. Foundatonal areas are Fundamental Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Theological Ethics, and Sacraments and Liturgy.
  2. Pastoral Proficiency: Students will develop pastoral skills, ministry knowledge, and liturgical fluencies in at least one key field of study relevant to Christian ministry.
  3. Leadership Skill: Students will become competent leaders dedicated to serving the Church and to creating community in parish and other pastoral settings.
  4. Justice Commitment: Students will demonstrate a critically informed approach to faith that promotes social justice for the common good, especially for the benefit of those in greatest need.
  5. Diversity Fluency: Students will become prepared ministry professionals able to function effectively in a diverse global religious environment.

Students and graduates of the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries serve in parishes, education, diocesan offices, and non-profits in a variety of roles such as: