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spiritual life community

Spiritual Life Community (SLC)

What is SLC?

Spiritual Life Community (SLC) is a student-led organization committed to building a community that discerns and celebrates the divine/transcendent presence in our respective lives, learning from one another's experiences so as better ground our thoughts and actions in that loving presence. We are enriched by participants from various or no faith traditions and celebrate everyone exactly as they are.

Participants in SLC have the opportunity to engage with their assigned/chosen small groups on a weekly basis, establishing a custom routine to share their experiences and deepen their perspectives. We regularly gather in large group settings for social and intellectual growth as well (BBQs, panels & discussions, service and solidarity opportunities, excursions, games, meals, etc.). In your busy extracurricular lives, SLC should not feel like a burden. We strive to be a program where you can engage with friends and companions from your other clubs and commitments.

SLC is a wonderful way for you to engage the Ignatian character of SCU! Discussions and gatherings will prompt you in your growth to being a "person for and with others." All are welcome and if you are interested in getting involved with SLC, please email us at


What are the pillars of Spiritual Life Community?


Naming what animates us - the essence of spirituality - begs for that to be revealed to others so that we can come to a greater awareness of our most authentic selves.


Growing into our most authentic selves calls for celebration and sharing in various life-giving ways. 

Service & Social Justice

Committing to communities and movements outside our individual bubbles holds us accountable to ongoing transformation. 

Participate in SLC/CLC