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christian life community

Christian Life Community (CLC)

What is CLC?

Find your community in CLC this fall!

Christian Life Community (CLC) is a community of students who strive to build a community of friends in the Lord, find God in all things, and discern our callings in life.


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We meet an hour weekly in small groups of 6-10 members to bond, pray, and explore our faith and vocations.  We also gather regularly for large group activities: social events, prayer services, faith discussions, and service projects.  

We follow the inspiration of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). We share this vision with members of CLC in almost 60 countries around the world. Thus, we are part of a worldwide body of Christian small faith communities.

Here are some questions for reflection in considering joining CLC:
Do you want to...
...form long-lasting friendships?
...grow in your journey of faith?
...share your faith and what is going on in your life with other students?
...deepen your relationship with God? your passions and calling in life through service? 

To participate in a CLC, register for SLC and express interest in a CLC small group.