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Wendy Donohoe

Drahmann Faculty Advisor

Wendy is a Professor of Professional Practice in the Accounting Department and a founding member of the Drahmann Academic Advising Center. She has a Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University, and a Master of Science in Taxation from Golden Gate University. She has considerable experience in public accounting and private industry, and retains an active license as a Certified Public Accountant. Wendy is a wonderful liaison to the business world for our students. Her years of experience enable her to assist students throughout the University in designing academic programs that have meaningful outcomes. Wendy teaches Personal Financial Planning, which is a course open to the entire student body. "I see so many students who are concerned about their ability to repay student loans and find meaningful work with their degrees.Fortunately, I am privileged to know where many of the program opportunities are for students. If they seek my advice early enough, we can usually develop an academic program to give them an entrée to areas in the economy where their gifts and talents are most likely to be rewarded. The trick is to seek that advice early enough to implement it into a four year program."

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