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Iris Stewart-Frey

Iris Stewart-Frey smiling in garden

Iris Stewart-Frey


  • Varsi Hall 219
  • Email
  • (408) 551-7186


Iris Stewart-Frey is a professor in environmental science/hydrology. She is teaching courses in earth systems, water resources, and geographic information systems (GIS) and has mentored the research work of about 20 undergraduate students on various projects. Iris has been a Clare Boothe Luce professor. Her research is focused on past and future impacts of climate change on water resources for humans and ecosystems, with a particular focus on changes in stream flow timing, disappearing snow packs, and warmer stream temperatures. In addition, Iris has been a collaborator on studies examining development, and the distribution of environmental benefits and burdens in Santa Clara County. She is also interested in questions of water access and the development of adaptation responses to expected hydrologic changes. Iris is currently working with an interdisciplinary team on a project examining food and water security under climate change for smallholder farmers in Nicaragua.