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Grievance Committees


Except as provided in the Faculty Handbook, any member of the faculty has a right to submit a grievance to the appropriate grievance committee in any matter relating to his or her status or work in the University. 

Arts and Humanities
Barbara Molony, History 2018
Catherine Murphy, Religious Studies 2019
Frederick Parrella, Religious Studies 2019
Thomas Turley, History 2020 to be replaced
Justin Boren, Communication 2020

Natural Sciences and Social Sciences
Christopher Bacon, Environmental Studies and Sciences 2018
Glenn Appleby, Mathematics and Computer Science 2018
Justen Whittall, Biology 2019
Angel Islas, Biology 2020
James Lai, Ethnic Studies 2020

Manuel Velasquez, Management 2018
Michael Calegari, Accounting 2019
J. Michael Munson, Marketing 2019
Haidan Li, Accounting 2020
Barry Posner, Organizational Analysis and Management 2020

Ronald Danielson, Computer Engineering 2018
Darren Atkinson, Computer Engineering 2019
Sarah Kate Wilson, Electrical Engineering 2019
Ahmed Amer, Computer Engineering 2020
M. Mahmudur Rahman, Electrical Engineering 2020

Donald Polden 2018
Allen Hammond IV 2019
Gary Neustadter 2019
Michelle Oberman 2020
Tyler Ochoa 2020

Education and Counseling Psychology
Dale Larson, At-Large 2018
Teri Quatman, Counseling Psychology 2018
Sara Garcia, Education 2020