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Advising Tools

Thank you for your help in supporting SCU students pursuing study abroad. Your expertise as academic advisors helps ensure that all SCU students are aware of the opportunity to graduate with international and intercultural experience and that their off-campus academic program will be a successful one. We appreciate all that you do to advocate for study abroad and foster the importance of international and intercultural education at SCU. We hope these resources will further assist your efforts and support your interactions with students as they consider their study abroad options.  

Planning & Preparation Resources

Student Experiences

Academic Integration

Academic Integration (AI) is a collaboration between SCU academic departments and Study Abroad to fully integrate study abroad into the college experience and academic degree requirements (major/minor). The goal is to make study abroad more accessible to SCU students while at the same time ensure that study abroad supports a student’s academic progress and timely graduation. AI seeks to resolve obstacles to student participation by working with academic departments to develop academic advising tools that promote student participation in study abroad. SCU Study Abroad is committed to working with academic departments, including but limited to the following:

  • Mapping study abroad by creating pre-approved courses
  • Early academic advisement that provides 3 and 4-year academic planning guides that identify clear pathways for students to study abroad
  • Increasing faculty engagement

If your department is interested in starting or continuing conversations related to AI and study abroad, please contact with your request.

Data Requests

Are you interested in study abroad participant information for your major? Participant data may include location, duration, GPA, among others. We can create a custom report to assist with academic integration and other efforts to support the increase of study abroad participation. If you are interested in receiving data for your department, please contact with your request.