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UHP Elective Requirements

Level I honors students must complete THREE electives.

Level II honors students must complete FOUR electives.



UHP Electives:

  • Any Honors elective course (denoted in Bulletin/Course Avail with an H). 
  • One contract course: (exceptions can be made to permit 2 for Level II students, see Director). Contract courses must be done in upper division courses.
  • One extra language course above and beyond what is required by your major. Cannot repeat credit you did/would receive from AP.
  • One extra religion course if all religion requirements are satisfied. 
  • Participation in the Honors Advisory Council (½ credit per year, except for president who earns one full credit). 

There are a number of classes across the University that count even if not denoted with H:

  • Any upper division (5-unit) Philosophy class (can only use ONE for credit)
  • Any History senior seminar (of which there are 2 annually)
  • Any Political Science senior seminar
  • Leavey Scholars courses (can only use ONE for credit)
  • UGST 101 (Grants and Fellowships) ½ credit

Study abroad and off-campus experiences including:

  • SCU affiliated study abroad (1 credit) 
  • Immersion trips (Ignatian center sponsored) ½ credit each, you can do 2
  • Summer programs through SCU- if 6 weeks or longer, 1 credit, if under 6 weeks, ½ credit
  • Global Social Benefit Fellowship ( includes 2 quarters of course work) = 1 credit
  • Global Fellows = ½ credit
  • Global Medical Brigades ½ credit
  • Jean Donovan Fellowship; if over 6 weeks, 1 credit, if under, ½ credit
  • Washington DC Poli Sci term 
  • ELSJ 198 Applied Healthcare Ethics Internship (year-long) = 1 credit

On-Campus Experiences include:

  • Center for the Arts and Humanities (CAH Fellows Program) = 1 credit
  • SCU Healthcare Ethics Internship = 1 credit

Johnson Scholars Program (JSP): 

  • Participate in the Johnson Scholars Program all 4 years = ½ credit
  • Chair a committee in JSP for 3 quarters = ½ credit

Cumulative Participation in UHP Conversations (put on by the Honors Advisory Council): 

  • Attend 3 UHP Conversations = ½ credit
  • Attend 6 UHP Conversations = 1 credit - (you can earn no more than 1 elective credit this way)

If you have other elective ideas, contact the Honors Program Director.