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UHP Registration Information


Honors students in good standing (3.3GPA or above) may enroll for up to 25 units during the third registration window (8:30 a.m. the first day of the quarter) without prior written approval from the Drahmann center. An additional fractional, 1 or 2 unit class can be added via a submitted "add" form which can be accessed  on the Office of the Registrar website under "forms".

Priority Registration

University Honors students have priority registration which allows them to register ahead of the general population. Registration appointments are determined by academic level which is based on the number of units a student has completed. Students who have completed 88 units or more are considered upper division students and will have an earlier registration appointment than students who have completed less than 88 units who are considered lower division students.  In assigning a registration appointment, a student's completed units (including transfer units) plus any units currently "in progress" are taken into consideration. 

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