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Benefits of the University Honors Program

Priority Registration

Students in the University Honors Program are assigned priority times on the Workday registration system. Priority registration lets UHP students tailor their schedules to encourage intentional learning and attain maximum academic impact. Learn more about registration appointments.


Honors students in good standing (3.3GPA or above) may enroll for up to 25 units during the third registration window without prior written approval from the Drahmann Center. For dates that apply, see Deadlines and Registration Information PDF.


Small Class Sizes

Honors classes are typically capped at seventeen students to enable a seminar-style, learner-directed format.

Residence Halls

University Honors Program students live in four residence halls/Residential Learning Communities (RLCs): Casa Italiana/da Vinci; Graham/ALPHA; Dunne/Modern Perspectives, and McLaughlin-Walsh/Unity. Learn more about RLCs

Community Events

The University Honors Program holds a variety of gatherings over the academic year to bring the community together for social and educational purposes.  The Honors Advisory Council (HAC), a peer-run student group, organizes events and speakers for the Honors program each quarter. Learn more about the Honors Advisory Council

Senior Thesis

The culminating experience of the University Honors Program is the Senior Thesis, which students complete in their final year at Santa Clara. This project is designed to engage students through in-depth research in close collaboration with one or more faculty mentor. Learn more about the Senior Thesis

Special Scholarships and Fellowships

Honors students are eligible to apply for several scholarships that are exclusive to the Honors Program, the Oxford Scholarship (Mansfield College); the Osberg Fellowship; Hayes Fellowship, in addition, many Honors students apply to the Provost’s Scholarship. Find out more about Scholarships and Fellowships

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Academic Aspects of the Honors Program 

The University Honors Program promotes intellectual excellence, critical thinking, and global engagement through seminar-style courses, difficult dialogues, and mentored independent research. Student-directed Honors programming builds community ties and fosters student leadership in the campus community and beyond.

Academic Aspects of the Honors Program

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