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Frequently Asked Question's

I have been accepted to Santa Clara with a merit scholarship. Does this mean I have also been admitted to the University Honors Program?

It depends - students who receive Johnson’s, President’s, or Provost’s Scholarships and/or are Johnson Scholar semi-finalists are automatically invited to join the Honors Program. Emails are sent out to those students. Students who receive other types of merit scholarships are encouraged to apply to the University Honors Program.

Does being in the University Honors Program come with additional scholarship money?

No, the University Honors Program does not have its own scholarship program.  However, as a member of the program, you are eligible to apply for several student fellowships. Please see the Scholarships and Fellowships page on this website.

Can I be part of other campus Honors programs (e.g., Leavey Scholars at the Business School) and part of University Honors Program?

Yes, students are often members of multiple honors programs at SCU.

Do University Honors Program students live in a separate residence hall?

UHP first-year students live with non-UHP students in one of four residence halls/Residential Learning Communities (RLCs): Casa Italiana/da Vinci; Graham/ALPHA; Dunne/Modern Perspectives, and McLaughlin-Walsh/Unity.

How difficult is it to complete the University Honors Program in addition to major coursework?

University Honors Program program requirements fulfill SCU Core requirements, with the exception of the senior thesis and Honors 20: Difficult Dialogues.

Do University Honors Program students have time for other activities?

The students enjoy a full university experience, and many become leaders in campus publications, theater, athletics, student government, multicultural organizations, community service, and other organizations.

Can UHP students spend all or part of their junior year abroad?

Participation in the Program creates no obstacles for international study. Study abroad is one way to fulfill Honors elective requirements.

Does UHP have a conduct code?

Membership in the University Honors Program is a privilege; behavior that is inconsistent with the values and standards of the SCU community compromises your right to belong to UHP. Students in UHP are bound to the Student Conduct Code, and being found in violation of it through the Student Conduct System may result in removal from the program. 


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