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Anthony Hazard


Anthony Hazard

Courtesy Appointment to History Assistant Professor in Ethnic Studies

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Ethnic Studies, St. Joseph's Hall, 105
  • Email
  • 1-408-551-7895

My research and teaching focus on 20 th century transnational U.S. history, the history of anthropology, and race and racism. I completed the PhD in History at Temple University, and have held the postdoctoral fellowship in Science in Human Culture at Northwestern University and the Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship at Santa Clara University. I have also been a graduate associate at the Center for the Humanities at Temple University, and a Resident Library Fellow at the American Philosophical Society. I am currently an assistant professor of Ethnic Studies and History at Santa Clara. My first book, Postwar Anti-racism: The United States, Unesco, and ‘Race’, 1945-1968 (Palgrave 2012) examined the interplay of U.S. cultural foreign relations and the production of scientific theories of race at the United Nations, Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization immediately following World War II. My current book project Boasians at War: Anthropology, ‘Race’ and World War II takes a short step back in time to World War II proper, and explores the ways in which Boasian anthropologists including Boas himself, Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, Ashley Montagu, and Melville Herskovits, grappled with the tensions of their anti-racist activist scholarship and the strictures of wartime nationalism in the United States.