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Hsin-I Cheng


Dr. Hsin-I Cheng

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Communication Department, Vari Hall, 2nd Floor, 215
  • Email
  • 1-408-554-4042

Hsin-I Cheng teaches intercultural communication courses with topics on cultural identity and cross-cultural relationship building in the borderland of the U.S. and in the Asian region. From critical and qualitative perspectives, her research interests involve in areas of communication, (im)migration and citizenship studies, and globalization. Hsin-I Cheng studies human communication through historical and sociopolitical lenses with methods such as ethnographic fieldwork, interviewing, and discourse analyses. Her research inquires include how multiple identities intersect and influence human interaction and intergroup relations. Her book Culturing Interface: Identity, Communication, and Chinese Transnationalism (2008) investigated the experiences of a Chinese and Taiwanese community on the U.S.-Mexico border. Since then her work has expanded to unpacking communication about national and ethnic/racial identity in the East and Southeast Asian regions. Her most recent publication examined the ways Southeast Asian transnational migrant workers are represented in Taiwanese mainstream news. Some of her work appears in International Journal of Communication, Journal of Intercultural Communication, Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, Language and Intercultural Communication, and Women & Language. Her current research continues to bridge areas of communication, immigration and citizenship, and multiculturalism.