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ISABELLA ILK-GREENHILL is a fourth-year studio art and Spanish studies double major at SCU from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bella’s process is heavily centered around the belief that at this early point in her creative career, she learns about herself through her work more than expecting perfection. Themes such as personal identity and social justice appear in Bella’s art often as she works to reconstruct the boundaries we create between self and other.

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YESENIA MAGDALENO-SOLIS is an artist from the Monterey Bay Area in California who depicts images of social justice, Mexican American culture, and family portraits. She is inspired by her culture, the natural colors and shapes around her, and the stories of people she meets. In college, she took a Latin American muralism course in Santiago, Chile, where she learned about the rich history of Latinx muralism and the cultural importance of murals for cultivating empathy in communities. In 2018, she was commissioned by the SCU Library to design and paint a mural with a team that depicted the intersection of earth, humans, and ideas.
Instagram account: @artxyesi