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Search for What Matters



The insights of St. Ignatius and his view of the human person have appeal and relevance for people of a wide range of convictions and creeds. In our religiously-diverse community, we provide ways of encountering and experiencing the search for purpose and meaning. This quarterly luncheon speaker series provides a space on campus for the discussion of core values and experiences among faculty, staff, students, and alumni.  One faculty member, one staff member, and one Jesuit faculty/staff member are invited each year to respond to the single question: "What matters to me and why?" This popular series serves to foster a culture of discernment and vocational reflection in the Ignatian tradition. With SCU's cancellation of all in-person events, we created a different way to offer Search for What Matters as a way to connect the core values and experiences of members ouf our SCU community. 



Provost, College of Arts & Sciences


This edition of SEARCH FOR WHAT MATTERS features Dr. Daniel Press, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Dean Press talks about the challenges of establishing relationships in a year of great difficulty, the importance of coming together at the table, and the people and ideas that have shaped him.


Assistant Director, Mission Church


This edition of SEARCH FOR WHAT MATTERS features Andrew Chai, Assistant Director of the MIssion Church. Andrew talks about how his work at the Mission Church has turned into offering consolation to those whose significant milestones have been cancelled or delayed due to the pandemic.


Director, Office of Multicultural Learning


This edition of SEARCH FOR WHAT MATTERS features Dr. Joanna Thompson, Director of the Office of Multicultural Learning. Recorded in mid-September, Joanna talks about her work in the OML and how her personal mantra “the impossible is possible” keeps her going.


Interim Executive Director, Ignatian Center


This edition of SEARCH FOR WHAT MATTERS features the Ignatian Center's Interim Executive Director, Mike Nuttall. Recorded in mid-May, Mike shares how spending time with his toddler son has given him a new perspective during shelter in place.


Director, Ignatian Center's Community-Based Learning


This edition of SEARCH FOR WHAT MATTERS features the Ignatian Center's Director of Community Based Learning, Dr. Jen Merritt. Recorded in mid-May, Jen shares about the people in her life who have taught her to find joy in the moment.


Director, Ignatian Center's Immersions


We hope you enjoy this new format of SEARCH FOR WHAT MATTERS starring the Ignatian Center's Director of Immersions, Charles Mansour. Recorded in mid-May, Charles shares how his deeply held values and The Golden Girls are helping him get through this crisis.