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Mission Mondays


Santa Clara University’s mission  is important to its vitality and role in the wider world. A deep engagement with our Jesuit, Catholic mission shapes our actions and underpins our transformative vision of higher education. The mission of our institution also forms us as a community as we educate global citizens of conscience, competence, and compassion.  

This email series serves as an opportunity to connect with and celebrate the mission and Ignatian tradition that unites our campus and the wider Jesuit network. We will offer a short reading or other form of content, a few key resources, and a brief reflection video from a member of the Santa Clara University community. We look forward to receiving your thoughts.


2023 Mission Monday

SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY | Our Jesuit Values in Action

Over the course of the upcoming months, staff, faculty, and students will reveal to you how they understand SCU’s Jesuit values; how each experiences the values in their study, work, service or lives, and how they believe the values build our community and sense of belonging to each other, our university, and our communities. SCU’s Jesuit Values include:

Finding God in All Things  |  Solidarity and Kinship  |  Cura Personalis  |  Discernment and Reflection  |  Faith that Does Justice


Mission Monday 6.12.2023 Video Placeholder Tedd Vanadilok

Mission Monday
June 12, 2023

Mission Monday 5.1.2023 Video Placeholder

Mission Monday
May 1, 2023

Mission Monday 4.10.2023 Victor Lemus

Mission Monday
April 10, 2023

Mission Week Mach 2023  featuring Hydeia Wysinger | Cura Personalis

Mission Monday
March 13, 2023

Mission Monday Video Alison Benders -Finding God in all things

Mission Monday
February 27, 2023