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Student Immersions

Summer Immersions

  • Applictions are now closed
  • Selected participants for Immersions will be expected to attend 4–5 pre-immersion meetings, as well as 3 post-immersion meetings upon return

First-Year San Jose Immersion 

  • Applications are open now and are due July 31st
  • You will hear back from the immersions team by August 15th
  • For the First-year San Jose immersion there are no pre-immersion meetings required
  • Applicants need to have their SCU ID handy to fill the application
  • Incoming Class of 2026 students only.

Apply Now for the First-Year San Jose Immersion!

Faculty/Staff Companion Positions

If you are interested in being a Faculty/Staff Companion for an Immersion, please contact Darcy Phillips (, 408-554-5346.

Student Coordinators

If you are interested in being a Student Coordinator for an Immersion, please contact Darcy Phillips (, 408-554-5346.