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Application Process 

Applications for Summer 2020 trips are now closed.

Selected participants for immersions will be expected to attend 4–5 pre-trip meetings and a pre-trip weekend retreat, as well as 3 post-trip meetings upon return.

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    Charles Mansour

    Director, Immersions

    Charles Mansour serves as Director of the Ignatian Center's Immersions.  

    (408) 554-5346  |

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    Kayla Wells

    Program Director, Immersions

    Kayla Wells serves as Program Director of Immersions.

    (408) 554-5342 |

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    Valerie Sarma

    Senior Program Director, Student Engagement and Special Projects 

    Valerie Sarma serves as Senior Program Director of Student Engagement and Special Projects.

    (408) 554-5272  |

  • Anna Ricci

    Anna Ricci

    Program Director, Immersions

    Anna Ricci serves as Program Director of Immersions.

    (408) 554-3437  |